Font Size in Procedure is gigantic and Cannot change

I am on 10.2.0.b18 (3745) and out of the blue the font size is gigantic. I think 160.

I can’t seem to change it.

Anybody else seeing this or did I inadvertently do something silly?


Check the Panorama X Preferences under Advanced and set the Procedure Font Size to a smaller size.

Thanks Gary.

Oddly, I have no idea why that size changed.

And when I change the font size it does not work until after I close the database and reopen it.

Additionally, when I change the preferences for font size and close the database I am not asked if I want to save changes. But the changes ARE saved.

That is because the change is part of the main Panorama X program and made to the Panorama Preference file itself and independent from any of the databases.

Got it. I understand.