Focus is always on

Oops. I think this issues was fixed with b21. I set up this post and forgot to hit send.

I have a form that contains several Text Edit Objects. One is linked to a file global variable. The others are linked to fields. The one that is linked to a variable continually shows a highlighted focus ring. Everything works, but it seems a bit strange that the focus rings is persistent on a TEO that is not being used.

So is it fixed or not?

No, it is still not fixed.

I can’t duplicate this problem, I just verified that there is no problem mixing Text Editor objects that use fields and variables on the same form, the focus ring works correctly whether a field or variable is being edited. If you can send me a sample database that demonstrates the problem I can investigate further. If possible, please make the database as simple as you can.

Will send a file over today.

I was able to fix this problem by adding a wait 0 statement in the code for this Text Editor object.

That gives Panorama a chance to erase the focus ring before the select statement updates the display.

Thank you!