Floating point error with no editing

Curious. I received the error message below when I saved after adding a procedure to a shared database and closing the window. There are no numbers in the procedure. Also, the name of the procedure is .syncpop, not .synspop.

Clients have been reporting floating point messages randomly appearing when they are moving between databases, saving and other times which I will have to try to get them to document. It has never happened to me until today.

The only way to get this error message is to enter an invalid value into a floating point field, like this:


When you press the Enter key, you’ll get this error message.

Of course pressing the Enter key is not the only way to make data entry happen. It will also happen when when you save, when closing a window, and in other situations where Panorama has to terminate editing.

There’s no doubt that what is happening is that users are accidentally typing into a field, and Panorama is correctly reporting that an incorrect value has been entered. This is a feature.

To reiterate, this message only appears in response to data entry. It will never appear when running code. For example, suppose I write code that incorrectly assigns text to a floating point field.

When I run this code, there is no error, it simply assigns zero to the field. There is no value checking for assignments in code – that’s up to you.