Float shows trailing zero for 2nd decimal digit

I’m wondering why a Text Editor object always shows a minimum of two decimal digits when linked to a field containing floating point numbers.

My output pattern is #.# as we only want to see a single digit after the decimal point. The display is fine, until we click in to edit, when it always adds one trailing zero.

Enter 23.4 and that is displayed correctly as per the pattern. But when editing, it always shows 23.40

Enter 23.405, and we see that when editing, as expected, with no more zeros added on.

Is there a built-in default to 2 digits, that cannot be changed?

And yes, I know the value is correct, we would just like to see a single digit when editing, if possible.

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Yes, this cannot be changed. The output pattern is not used when editing, instead, Apple’s default format for floating point values is used.