Flash Art object can't find pictures on disk


I know this has worked for me in the past, but a simple picture viewing form stubbornly refuses to display images whose names are in a field. They are in the same folder as the database, “Include pictures on disk” is selected, I have the enhanced image pack, and copying and pasting the file name from the Finder directly into the field (to guard against subtle typos or hidden characters) has no effect.

Any ideas?



Make sure you are using a Flash Art SuperObject and not the older simple Flash Art Object.

Yep, that’s what I’m using.

Is the Finder showing the file extension? If it isn’t, the extension won’t get copied.

Another possibility would be a variable with the same name as the field.

Assuming that you have the image name full and correct, the path is also crucial.

It should be something like:

If it’s in the same folder, the path can be left off altogether.

The Finder does show the extension. I’ve assigned no variables in this database, and it’s unlikely that the field name (“19 OCT”) is being used by Panorama. However, changing the field name has no effect, sadly.

If that’s the name, parentheses quotes and all, then the formula should be

«("19 OCT")»

And for a folder nested within the relative path can be used.

Although he said they’re in the same folder, there was no mention of including a path or not. A flawed path results in no image.

Well, it actually lacks the quotes (I put them in for the post; I forgot to use the WSYWYG tools); in the form I entered it as «19 OCT». No matter, when I changed it to mildred it still didn’t show.

James, because the images and the database are in the same folder, I did not include the path.

I would start by putting the image name directly into the Super Flash Art object, leave the field name out of it until you get it working. So if your image is flower.jpg, make the formula


If that doesn’t work, either the image isn’t in same folder as the database, you don’t have the “include pictures on disk” option checked, or the image name isn’t correct.

Once you get that working you can try to get it working based on the field. But when debugging, it’s best to take it one step at a time.

Another debugging tip is to make a Text Display object with the same formula you are using, so you can then see exactly what path Panorama is trying to display. (In Panorama X you can do this right in the Image Display object, simply by checking the * Display Path (Debug)* option.

A side note for those that think Panorama X is more complicated than Panorama 6 (unfortunately, you probably aren’t reading this post :frowning: ).

In Panorama X you don’t have to worry about using a Flash Art SuperObject versus the older simple Flash Art Object. You don’t have to customize the toolbar before you can even create an Image Display object. And you don’t have worry about checking the “include pictures on disk” option. Also, as mentioned above, in Panorama X there is a Display Path (Debug) option that makes it super easy to see exactly what image path and name it is trying to display.

I’m hoping there’s a fourth option, because doing this still does not display the image, which is in the same folder as the database, is (thanks to the wonders of cut and paste) correctly named, and the “Include pictures on disk” option is most definitely checked. And I’ve been displaying the formula as text, so I can see what Panorama is trying to display

Just to verify you are using the proper Flash Art object (and hoping I’m not insulting you by this! :sweat_smile:) here is a screen shot of the Flash Art SuperObject that should be used:

And here is the older Flash Art Object:

Something can be thought of as complicated when it doesn’t work the way that it always has. New paths need to be learned. Regardless if they are shorter, they may not be obvious. Time spent learning new ways to do what was previously mastered can feel like wasted time & energy.

Robert Ameeti

Gary, yep, that’s the one (the top one). It has looked exactly like that screen, along with numerous variations in alignment and formula!

I don’t think there is a fourth option, so I think one of your assertions must not be true.

I don’t think we’ll be able to get any further unless you post more information, perhaps some screen shots? I’d like to see a screen shot of the folder itself, containing the image and the database, and of the Super Flash Art dialog.

Okay, here goes (I assume you won’t need to see the blank form itself!). I currently replaced the original field name with the simple name mildred to minimize potential conflicts.

New users can only add one image per post…

And last but not least…