Flash art background


When I paste a “png” file into the Flash Art Scrapbook, it looks like it replaces the “transparent” background with black.

For example, this icon:


when pasted into Flash Art Scrapbook becomes:

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Is there anyway to make the background transparent?
Barring that, is there anyway to choose/set the background color?
(Hint: white would be nice! :slight_smile: )

I realize this is probably dealing with the old PICT file format, which, most likely, did not support an alpha channel like PNG does.

And, I guess I could edit the PNG to replace the transparent layer/color with another color …

But, maybe you have an even better idea?!? :slight_smile:

Thanks, in advance.

– Mark

As you suspected, at the time you do the Paste, the system converts the PNG format into PICT format, and it substitutes the background color at that time. As far as I know there is no way to specify what background color will be used. The only option would be to paste it into a photo editor program like Pixelmator or Photoshop and manually edit the background. Hmm, you also might be able to take a screen shot and use that.

For future readers, Panorama X does support alpha channels in PNG graphics.

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I have made transparent background images many times in the past for use in Panorama 6. The method I used was with Photoshop C3 to remove the unwanted background. Note that newer versions of Photoshop will not work in this instance and leaves a white background in the transparent areas instead. In PS C3 I open a new image with background transparency set and then paste the image into the empty frame. I use the magic wand to select the background I want removed and delete it. I then Select Inverse and copy. Now I can either directly paste the image into a Pan 6 form or to the Flash Art Scrapbook. Either image will display with a transparent background.

There may be other methods to accomplish this but I have not pursued the problem beyond this solution. And, yes, I just tried it again with PS C3 and it still worked.

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Gary: thanks! :smile: :+1:

FYI: I just used Preview to load a PNG, and then “Export …” to PNG with the “Alpha” checkbox unchecked. Worked perfectly. :slight_smile: