Fixing width of a group of Text Editor Objects

I have a form with a lot of text editor objects and I would like them to all be the same width. Is there a way to use changeobjects to adjust the width of a group of objects?

This code will select all TextListObjects and change their width to 500 pixels.

selectobjects objectinfo("class")="TextListObject"
changeobjects "rectangle",rectangletweak(objectinfo("rectangle"),"width",500)
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I assume you are also aware that you can do this manually by selecting them and then using Objects>Align>Left & Right Edges (or you can right click on one and choose this from the popup menu).

Yes, I use the menu options. I also use the Blueprints to get exactly the height and width that I want, but that is a slow process so I was hoping to find a way to speed things up.

Thanks for these suggestions. This is exactly what I was hoping to learn. I could have saved a lot of time if I had learned it a week ago.