Finding unanswered invitations in related files

Something’s not working in my attempt to connect two databases. I’m very new to PandoramaX. I’ve spent hours poring over the help section, the Relational Workshop, and the relations panel. Everything seems to be set up correctly. But it still fails to bring the specified bit of data from the source database to the current database.

The current database is a long list of invitations, and the source database contains the accepted invitations, which is a subset of the invitations. The relation is supposed to select the “to” field in Invitations, the current database, with the “to” field among the matching fields in Acceptances, the source database. Test Keys indicates a valid relation.

I want the ConnectedOn field in Invitations to be filled with the Connected field in Acceptances, the source.

The problem: nothing appears in ConnectedOn.

I’m sure I’m just not seeing something that’s right in front of me, since I’ve been banging my head on the wall for hours. I’m hoping someone familiar with this process to suggest what I should look again at. What are the culprits, aside from my own tired brain, that might be at work here?

Screenshot 2024-07-10 at 7.05.54 PM

If I’m understanding you correctly, the operation you want to perform is a Join, which can be done with a Join statement in a procedure, or with Join Panorama Database with Current Database… from a menu.

It’s not clear whether you have done anything more than describe the relations in the Relations panel.

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Thank you, dave. That did the trick. I actually tried that several times, but for some reason it works now. i have to figure out what’s different this time.