Finding past posts?

Just yesterday or the day before, I read a post asking about importing a text file directly into a library. Jim and others gave suggestions with Jim’s post using a function in a new way - rather than an “execute”.

I wanted to review that post again and today I can’t find it. I’ve searched on various keywords but nothing recognizable is coming up.

Aside from cutting/pasting into a database (what a concept) is there any way to “mark” posts in the forum - like designating it a favorite so it can easily be revisited again?

A checkbox next to posts that can be clicked and selected on (All Favorites) would be handy. Either that or a way to download posts for import.

Of course, there is always the manual copy/paste.

Why don’t you look in your browser history?

You can use the Bookmark feature to gather the post you want to be able to view again in the future. Under the post in quetion there is a tool bar that looks like this:


Clicking on the three dots icon expands the tool bar to this:

A dialog will open where you can add the post in either an existing or new bookmark. After you save, it will be available by clicking your personal icon in the top tool bar as shown here:

Thank you gary - I’ll bookmark your post.

And thank you KJM. The History search seems obvious now. :blush:

Turns out - it was a post made near the end of last August. I must have been catching up on unread posts and that one caught my eye.