Find Window & Dialog Error Messages

I experienced errors with the FIND dialog in one of my files that I couldn’t shake. I eventually reverted to exporting all the records in the file as a CSV and creating a new file, which is working fine.

For what it’s worth, these are the Error messages I was receiving:

  • Upon Opening: rectangletweak(future error – negative rectangle height
  • Upon Entering Search Criteria: datatype(function error: no field or variable named “q2operand1”.
  • Upon ‘Cancel’: statement failed (no pause)
  • When Trying to Close FIND window: Dialog program error - dialog will be aborted.

To close the FIND dialog I had to use ‘ESC’ or, if that didn’t work, force quit Panorama X.

The problem began when I was entering multiple find criteria in the FIND dialog. I successfully entered 12 search terms. When I tried to enter the 13th I got a “rectangletweak” ERROR message and then things went downhill from there (FIND no longer working, spinning beach ball crash).

All good now w the new file.

I’ve added this to Bitbucket. However, my fix is most likely going to be not allowing more than 12 search terms. If your search is that complicated you’re probably better off writing a procedure to do the search.