Find & ViewAsList

I’ve noticed and verified with a test file that find does not work correctly if a view as list form is open, even if the form is not the active window. Is this a known issue? In contrast select seems to work.

By “not work correctly”, I assume you mean that it doesn’t wind up on the correct record. At least, that is what I am seeing. As far as I can recall, that has not been reported before, so I have added a new bug report for this:

Thanks for taking a look at it

I’ve investigated this a bit further. The problem only occurs if both the data sheet and a view-as-list form are both open at the same time. I think they are “fighting” each other. It’s still a bug but I am setting it to a lower priority. For now, I recommend having either the data sheet open, or a view-as-list form, but not both at the same time.