Find Statement Issue

I’m using the latest version of PanX, and having a problem with what should be a simple task.

I have the following find statement in the procedure box of a popup button on my form:

find Name contains findName

‘Name’ is the field name I’m trying to search, and ‘findName’ is the variable name set in the ‘Data:’ field.

The variable is set properly each time (I checked it with a ‘message’ statement before the ‘find’ statement), but every time I select a name from the popup button I get a random record selected, sometimes a few above the chosen name in the database, and sometimes a few below the chosen name.

Is there a known issue with the ‘find’ statement? I couldn’t find one looking here through the comments, but I didn’t check the issue tracker.

Thanks for any help.

Issue #556 sounds similar. Apparently, it happens when the data sheet and a view-as-list form are both open.

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Good catch. That seems to have fixed the find issue. I had a view-as-list form open that was hidden using very small setwindow settings that I’d forgotten about.