Find/Select keeps returning all records

Find/Select dialogue shows correct records in dialogue box, but then keeps returning all records when either find or select pressed. It will not hide the unmatched records.

This happens with “Is EqualTo”, or “Contains”

Any suggestions as to why this is happening?

Thanks, Chuck

Chuck, when you say Find/Select shows the correct records, is it filling all the visible rows in the dialog with that selection? Maybe, because of your criteria or field content, other records are also selected and you don’t see them because you’d have to scroll. When you say it will not hide unmatched records are you saying the result shows ALL records?

Or maybe the wrong field is being searched in the dialog. Without more information about your selection criteria, the field (type) you are searching for, and example content … it’s hard to guess.

One quick way to ferret it out is to make a database with just three records - two that satisfy your select/find criteria and one that doesn’t. Duplicate your actions and I’m pretty sure the “issue” will make itself clear. I just tested the Contains on a small database and it works as expected.

So, please provide more specific information about your fields and data and if the result is a partial selection with records that don’t belong or all records being selected.

I have about 60 records in this database. There are 6 that meet my criteria.
The correct limited number of records are displayed in the dialog box.

When I select, the dialog box disappears and all the records are displayed again.
I am not sure what else I can say, it is a text field. I type the text that either is contained in the field, or is equal to. I have tried several different combinations, all with same result.

The records are briefly displayed, , until I click “Select”, then the dialog box disappears, and all records are displayed again.


ChuckieM, ask yourself this, “Could designer duplicate my situation with the information I’ve presented?”

So I don’t know what you are asking. If you are asking, “Does the Select Dialog work?” Yes, it does. If you are asking, “Why doesn’t the dialog work with my data and my selection criteria?” you have to show us a sample of the data and the selection criteria that don’t work together.