Find/Select dialogue size adjustment

In 2018 I asked “Is there anyway to adjust the font size of the find/select dialogue form?”
The answer was No one can’t. Has this changed by any chance? Both my wife and I have trouble reading the Current Font size.
The Classic simplified Option was much easier for us to read, that option is no longer available as well.

There is no way to adjust the font size of the find/select dialog, and that is unlikely to happen ever. Making the text size adjustible would require a complete rewrite of this complicated dialog.

If the text in this dialog is too small for you, chances are that there are lots of situations on many apps that are too small for you. Apple’s accessibility zoom feature is a great help for this, before I had cataract surgery I used this all the time, and I still use it occasionally.

Thank you! for the ultra fast reply to my questions.
I will try your suggestion.

Or you can use the “Bigger Text” monitor scaling in the macOS System Preferences.