Find Function does not Find

The Find function does not work reliably. I search in Field X: “Contains” “CT” (short for CT scan) and it finds about 85 records, NONE of which have CT in that field. Nor does it work if I put quotes around CT. It works for partial words but not CT.

Is there any way to do a search for records which have “CT” in that field?

Simply use this in your procedure:

find X contains "CT"

Note that find will simply go to the first record that matches your formula. If you want to have all the records containing “CT” selected you have to use the select command.

The word function has a specific meaning in Panorama, and because you used that word I think Gary’s answer is assuming you are doing some sort of programming. However I’m guessing that you are not programming, but rather you are using the Find/Select dialog. In any case, I think you need to clarify exactly what the steps are that you have performed, so that we can give you good advice. I can assure you that if the proper steps are taken, Panorama will reliably search for whatever you ask it for. Other Panorama X users are performing hundreds of successful searches every day, and have been doing so for years. If Panorama X did not search reliably this forum would be filled with nothing but complaints about that from dawn 'till dusk.

This help page contains an animated movie showing how to use the Find/Select dialog to perform searches on a single field, see the section Searching a Specific Field

If I’m wrong, and you are using some sort of programming to do the search, please show us the code you are using.

Thank you Jim and Gary. Definitely no fancy programming. I see I made a stupid mistake with the field, which I have corrected. And now it is showing the CT records. But it still comes up with lots of unwanted hits because there were other words in that field with ct inside them. Can it search for just “CT” by itself? Or only as caps? Oh, I see that there is a “Formula is true” choice. I tried making a formula for Field= “xxx” and Contains “CT” but that didn’t work. Can you tell me the proper formatting for it? Does it have to be an “If” statement?

Use the “Contains Word” option instead of “Contains”.

I am wondering if Panorama was finding things like Connecticut when you searched for CT?

FANTASTIC! That did it. “Contains Word” - even tho CT isn’t really a word. Thank you, thank you.

For the purpose of this option, a “word” is simply a series of letters surrounded by spaces, punctuation, or the beginning and end of the field. So it doesn’t have to be an English word, or an actual word in any language.

The Contains Word is a nice option that Panorama 6 didn’t have. Panorama X has hundreds of small little improvements like this that are not individually a big deal, but all add up.

I’ve tried Find “Equal or Great Than” and it doesn’t find what I’m looking for.

This sounds like a recent question submitted to tech support. Without more details, we can’t provide a specific answer. The most likely source of trouble is trying to do a numeric comparison on a text field. For example, suppose you ask Panorama to find values greater than 10. If the field is a numeric field, Panorama will correctly determine that 15 is greater than 10, and 5 is less than 10. but if the field is a text field, then both 5 and 15 will be selected as greater than 10. If you want to do numeric comparisons, you have to use a numeric field.

If this isn’t the related to the problem you are encountering, please submit a more detailed description of what you are asking Panorama to do, what you expected the result to be, and what the actual result you are seeing is. Remember, none of us can see your computer, so we have to rely on you to explain the information needed so we can understand enough to assist you.