Find all pre-Pan6 files on hard drive

Is there a way to find all of my pre-Pan6 files on my hard drive?

I would like to find all of my pre-Pan6 files that are on my hard drive so I can open and save them in Pan6, so that they will be ready for eventual conversion to PanX.

If there is no way to search for pre-Pan6 files, is there a way to search for all pre-PanX files?


I think that my old search criteria
Raw query = (kMDItemFSTypeCode == "ZEPD")&&(kMDItemFSCreatorCode == "KASX")
did not work any more since Mavericks (if I remember correctly).

Today I am doing my searches for Panorama documents with this criterion:
Raw query = ((kMDItemKind = "Panorama*"cdw))

The code is from the information window of a saved search, and it successfully finds Pan X and Pan 6 documents. And it also finds some Panorama 4 documents on my Mac!

Here is the screenshot of my (German) saved search:

(The left popup menu is set to “Kind”, the right one to “Other”.)

Do a Find while in the Finder.

Search ‘This Mac’

Kind is ‘Other’ type in Panorama database file

My computer found files last modified December 31, 1988. Ah, the memories.

Robert Ameeti
(949) 422-6866