Filtering a text list

What is the best way to filter a text list? I can make selections and filters in the data sheet, but I am having a hard time getting the text list to match the data sheet.

I don’t really understand anything about this question. Is this text list in a variable? Where did the list come from? How is it being displayed? What sort of filter do you want to apply to it? Why would it match the data sheet? Do you want to display the filtered data, or copy the filtered data, or something else? I assume there are good answers to these questions, but they aren’t apparent to me.

There is a function for filtering text arrays, maybe this can help you get started:

The Data Collections video in the Panorama X Intensive Training series covers this topic in detail (it is not free, but I think @panaca may already own this).

As a longtime Pan6 user, I appreciate the PanX Text List Object which I use in database navigator mode to locate a record and then update that record. (My list of Text Editor Objects is to the right of my Text List Object.). A simple search filters the records in the Text List, but I need to do more complex queries. To do so I have resorted to the DataSheet. However, the DataSheet has too many fields, and I prefer to view the results of my query in the form described above with my Text List Object. Alas, my complex query results in the DataSheet does not match the records in my Text List Object. Hopefully I am making sense. Perhaps I need to display the contents of my TLO from a variables, but I have not yet experimented to see if doing so will allow the TLO to function in database navigator mode.

I think this forum topic from a few days ago might be just what you are looking for: