Filerename not erasing original file

I’ve been working on a new procedure to move a file to a new location. The location of the source file path is extracted from a field. Using choosefiledialog to get the destination folder and filerename to get it there.

It works as far as putting a copy of the file in the chosen file, but a copy of the original file remains in the original folder.

lvFileName=«CLIPPATH» //file to be moved with full path

choosefiledialog lvFolderName,“Folders”,true() //choose where you want the file moved to.

//parse out new file name//

filerename lvFileName,lvNewName

Is the new location of the file on a different disk? In that case, the file is copied, not moved.

No, same disk

I just verified that the filerename does definitely move the file to a new location, removing it from the old location. So I’m not sure why you’re having a problem with this.

I’ll keep playing with it and see what happens. Any possibility that the original file is several folders deep in Documents and the destination folder is on the surface of the drive could be confusing the procedure?

Found the problem. I was using a test folder with duplicate files, but looking at the original folder to see if the file moved. User error.