File won't cooperate

I have been trying to convert a Panorama 6 file to X. I have tried several times with similar and different results. I can open the file in Panorama X and begin to edit procedures. Eventually, when I open any procedure and try to close the procedure window, it grays out but won’t close. If I create a procedure to close it, it can’t find the window and that procedure window won’t close either. The only way to get out of it is to quit Panorama. When I open the file again, some of the converted files open with the procedure windows still open; some open normally. If I open another procedure window, it will not close. If I open the “Open View” menu, Panorama X crashes. Same with the data sheet. The file works perfectly in Panorama 6 and the permissions are set correctly.

Any suggestions as to how to get this file converted?

Have you tried opening these files with the “data sheet only” option, using the Find & Open dialog?

I don’t see a “data sheet only” option, using the Find & Open dialog?

The form contains matrices so I thought maybe they were corrupt as they were probably created in the beta version of Panorama 5. I deleted those objects, but it’s still very unstable. I deleted most of the records and it’s still unstable. Maybe it needs to be recreated from scratch.

Right-click (or ctrl-click) on the name of the file in the Find & open dialog!

Thanks Kurt.