File paths HFS or UNIX?

It was my impression that Pan X can use colon or slash in the path to a file or folder. But today I ran across a problem. The following procedure was a modifation from a Pan 6 procedure and was originally written using colons and did not generate a syntax error in Pan X when I clicked on the CHECK button, it said the procedure was OK. HOWEVER, when it ran an error was generated saying the file path was bad.

I changed from colons to slashes and the procedure worked fine. It saves each record of a form as an individual PDF. (If anyone knows a faster or better way… speak up!

if info(“formname”) ≠ “Sheet upload”
openform “Sheet upload”
Field ID
Local folder
;above line originally was folder="~:Desktop:ScoreSheets:" but caused an error when the procedure ran
printtopdf folder+Show+str(ID)+".pdf",“currentrecord”,“true”
Until info(“stopped”)

The difference between the UNIX and the older HFS paths was more than just slashes vs colons. A tilde doesn’t have any special meaning in an HFS path.

The way you are now doing it looks to be about as good as it gets.