File ownership under new user account

I’m creating a new user account in Mojave because of some problems with PanX. Presently the Find/Select dialog doesn’t function as well as Font Awesome and a couple of other problems, under the new user all works fine. HOWEVER!!! When I open a PanX file in the new user account then try to save it I get a warning that I don’t own the file so I need to create a duplicate. This is a pain in the ass! I have to create the duplicate then close the file then go to the finder and rename the duplicate and save it in place of the old file.

Obviously my question is… how do I avoid this?

If you hold down the option key while selecting from the File menu you will have “Save As” included as an option. When the Save As dialog opens it will have the current name of the database and if you do not change the name you can save and a warning message will come up that the file already exists and you have the option of replacing it - which should do the exact thing you want done. This all depends upon whether or not the system will allow you to Save As with these previous files.

Leo, I wonder how you did access the database files of your old Mojave user account. Did you move a folder with your databases into the Users/Shared/ folder?
That does not seem to modify the original access rights. Since the access rights (to read and WRITE) are tied to the active user, you could try to pull that “Databases” folder into the “Documents” folder of your new user account and then give the “Databases” folder (and all included objects and subfolders) correct access rights in the Information window in the Finder.

It appears I don’t have permission to write to the various folders that PanX files are in. I succesfully created a new admin user using information I found online, it all seemed to work OK but PanX is giving me trouble. Is there something I need to do in the INFO window?

FYI info on how to duplicate a user is here:

By default, macOS won’t allow multiple user accounts to work with the same files. This isn’t a Panorama issue, you would have the same sort of problem with any program. You can fix this with the Finder’s Get Info window, maybe that’s what you mean by the INFO window? You need to make sure that the file is owned by the current user, or you need to allow any user to read and write. In fact not only does this have to be set up for the file, but also any folders it is enclosed in.