File Menu Behavior Request

If I don’t have a PanX file open, the “New,” “Open Recent >” and “Open Favorite >” options in the File menu are grayed out and not active. I often close files I’m not working on to declutter my (very cluttered) desktop, so it’s not uncommon for me to have PanX running without an open file. I frequently use the File menu drop-downs to create a New Database from Text File… or Open Recent db files and find these menu items unavailable because I don’t have a db file open.

It’s not a critical item, but from a UX it would be helpful if they were persistent options available at all times.

File Menu when there’s a PanX file open:

File Menu when there are No PanX files open:

This is a long standing problem and is entered in Bitbucket as issue #163 back a year ago.

There are a work-around or two discussed in this report that might be useful to you.

Hi Gary - I searched for this topic before posting but missed this. Apologies for the duplicate. Consider this my +1. I agree. I’d welcome a fix to this. Thanks, Jim

I’ve been planning on taking another crack at this issue soon. I’ve got another idea for how to tackle it. The problem is that Apple’s code is disabling these menu items behind my back, and I have no idea why. I’m thinking I may have to hot patch Apple’s code (there are approved methods for doing this, don’t worry, this would only apply for Panorama, it wouldn’t affect any other programs).