File Frozen - Non responsive

After a couple days of inputting business expenses for my taxes, Pan X locked up and became unresponsive. No scrolling, no up/down arrows would work. Reloaded the file. Restarted the app. Restarted the Mac. Original file was on iCloud. Made local copy thinking that might jar something, but same result. I get a screenshot of data…but nothing is accessible. Even the Pan X ABOUT box just shows up blank. Now, tried it again - and the About box info appeared. Opened the file again from RECENTS - still frozen. Now what?

After several screen blackouts (click the green window expand button) - and trying a host of things, (app reinstall, removing prefs files, trying to get some access thru the menus, etc.), my local copy did finally open and I was able to scroll the data. But it froze again once I got near the end of the file (selected data). At that point, I had to exit and reload the file. I was then able to export to CSV the selected data… then, also choose SELECT ALL and export that data. Hopefully it’s all there and I can import into a new Pan file.

If you are willing to zip the file and email it to me (use the support email address) I would be happy to see if I can reproduce this problem on my computer. I have never heard of a problem anything like that before. I am a bit suspicious of using files on iCloud drive.

Thanks, Jim. I may do that just to see if there’s an internal issue. However, I suspect the corruption likely resulted from a) some sort of data interruption with the file on iCloud; and/or b) that I was adding to old data file created originally in Pan 6.
Fortunately, it appears the export to CSV worked and the recreated file has been working. I only had to reset some of the data types (the date field was text upon import).
Lesson learned: iCloudy files can rain on your parade. Work local.