File for Zipping with Password

A single procedure file, Zipper, has been added to the Database Exchange. The procedure allows the selection of a file or folder to be zipped with a password included.

Jim, thanks for your submission.

I do want to point out that Panorama X includes statements for compressing/uncompressing files and folders. Unless you need to use a password, these statements will be much easier to use than the AppleScript technique that Jim used.

There is also an archivecontents( function that lets Panorama code explore the contents of a compressed archive.

Some of you may wonder why time was spent adding these features to Panorama X. Compression is used extensively in the upcoming server version, for performance Panorama X server routinely compresses data when transferring between server and client. All the code for downloads and uploads is complete and working. Since I was writing this code anyway, I made it available to you as well. I also used these statements to build a database that automates upload and publishing of new Panorama X releases, it automatically compresses Panorama, then uploads it and also publishes the release notes and updates the download information on the web site.

Well… If you are going to talk Enterprise upload/download, I’ll ask again about a talked about feature… Will we be able to upload procedures separately from forms, separate, from data? Oftentimes I have no need to move 200MB of data, but am only wanting to move forms, or procedures.