File->Duplicate gives an error message

When I try the File->Duplicate menu command, I get this error message:


which is odd, given that the file HAS been saved. I used to get this ages ago but not for a long time. Any idea what drives it?

I think that has to do with the launch services of macOS, that make sure your system knows which apps are handling which files. If your file does not have the “.pandb” suffix, the Finder will see it as a folder, not as a file.

Since Michael’s file is open in Panorama, it seems to me that it must have a .pandb suffix – otherwise Panorama X would not open it.

That said, I have no idea why this message is appearing. The File>Duplicate command is entirely Apple’s code, I have no idea how it works internally. I just verified that it does work on my system.

I first encountered this problem (amongst others) in the early days of Panorama X. I had replicatable issues that nobody else could repeat and my theory was that some other app or system setting was interfering but I never nailed it down.