File blueprint has no entries for procedures beginning with a period

Choosing File>Export>Blueprint produces a blueprint file, as advertised, but the Procedure folder does not contains an .estes file for any procedures which begin with a period. Is this intentional?

Furthermore, when opened with the Show Package Contents command, the folder containing the blueprint file hijacks the folder it’s in so, when you close the blueprint folder, you’ve closed the folder containing it. This seems to be standard practice for that command so maybe it’s an Apple thing.

Yes it does. But the Finder treats any file with a filename starting with a period as invisible, so you can’t see it. But you can access it with Terminal, or with the third party PathFinder appliaction, and if you use that blueprint to build a new database, the procedures will be there.

You hit the nail on the head. You can use the Back command to get back out to regular files. Also, I always customize my Finder toolbar to include the Path pop-up menu, so that’s another way to get back to regular files.

… or you use a simple Finder keyboard shortcut that toggles the visibility of those files:

cmd-shift-. (period)