Fieldstotextvariables PREFIX, VARTYPE

There appears to be a bug in fieldstotextvariables PREFIX, VARTYPE

fieldstotextvariables “x-”, “LOCAL” generates this error
“Execute code contains syntax error: Expression contains a text funnel when an operand was expected”

I can’t duplicate this problem. I thought it might be because of the - character in your prefix, but that works ok for me. I also tried putting some weird characters in field names, it seemed to work no problem. However, I’m guessing that some unusual character in a field name is the source of the problem, do you have any fields with unusual names?

Are you using fieldstotextvariables directly or are you rendering a web form on a server?

Ok, I wasn’t able to duplicate your exact problem, but I was able to cause a different but similar error by putting a comma in a field name. I thought maybe putting [ or ] in a field name might cause your error, but it didn’t. I would be curious to know what the weird field name is causing this problem, please get back to me on that.

I think I’m going to “fix” this problem by specifying that this statement only works for fields that have names containing only letters and numbers. I think that’s a pretty reasonable restriction.