Fields not auto calculating

I’m finally working to move several of my File Maker databases to Panorama. I created one from a csv of raw data that captures up to 10 scores per an event (events are records with other fields such as date, location, etc.). I have four simple calculation fields on each record; the total number out of the 10 possible trials used (TotTrials calculated as count(TrialsΩ)), total scores in those trials (TotScores calculated as sum(TrialsΩ)), the average score across the trials calculated as (TotScores)/(TotTrials), and quantity calculated as TotScores*Load (a static numeric value).

When a new record is added with Load and Scores entered, only Total Scores (the sum of scores across the 10 available fields) and the quantity Total Scores * Load auto calculate. The other two require Morph/Recalculate Field to populate correctly. Obviously the calculations work (via morph), but I can’t determine why they don’t auto calc. Any help is appreciated.

It’s really hard to visualize what it going on from this textual description. If you want to send your file to the support email address on the provue web site, I will take a look at it.

Dean sent me his file and I was able to determine that there is a bug in Panorama – the count( function does not recalculate automatically when a line item field changes. I have made the necessary fix, which will be in the next version of Panorama. Fortunately, I am planning a minor bug fix release in the very near future.

Dean stated that two fields were not calculating correctly, but really it was only one. The other was calculating the wrong value because of the first problem. Now that count( works properly all four fields are calculating correctly.