Fields Listing For Equation Creation

I need to do a lot of calculations. Are the fields populated in one location to cut and paste to make equations creation possible when working with many fields.


When you are editing a procedure you can right click to pop-up the Procedure Context Menu, which contains a submenu for inserting a field name. See Procedure Context Menu on this page:

You can also open the Properties panel in the data sheet and copy field names from there.

In addition to the standard approaches Jim has outlined, I find that if I need to repeatedly access field names that it’s convenient to run dbinfo(“fields”,"") in the Formula Workshop, then copy the resulting field names listing onto a TextEdit document window that can then serve as a field name palette (via copy/paste) for my equation programming masterpiece!

Good idea, and you can also just leave the Formula Workshop window open. If you’re not aware, in Panorama X you can open multiple Formula Workshop windows, and you can click and drag to select and copy text from the result at any time. Sometimes I’ll have four or five Formula Workshop windows going. You can also resize the workshop window to make it bigger if needed.

info(“fields”) will work the same for this purpose.