Field properties in form view?

Hi, how can I access the field properties in form view? It seems I can get only to the form properties, but no field properties. These seem to be accessible only in table mode. ??

Helmut Remse

That’s correct. The data sheet is where the fields are created, and their properties are set.


Any good reason for that?

Because if I have many fields I got to scroll a lot to get to a field. But in form view they are all right there.

In form view, what you have are objects that can be tied to fields. They can also be tied to variables, and they can be switched from one field to another with a mouse click. In the data sheet, there are nothing but fields. The field properties panel is bound more tightly to the field than it ever could be in the form view.

You can use the Goto Field dialog to quickly jump to any field (in the Field menu).

You can get and set any field property using a procedure with the setfieldproperties( function and the setfieldproperties statement.

That makes it a little easier. But I would still have to switch from form view to table view, edit field properties, and switch back to form view.

Plus, that means that the field definitions are somehow coupled to that table view?

You can have the Data Sheet open at the same time a form is open, and switch between them either by clicking on the proper window, or using the Window menu.

Field definitions are definitely coupled to the data sheet (table view). There is an exact 1-to-1 correspondence between columns in the table and database fields. (You can, however, temporarily hide columns in the data sheet.)

As Bruce points out, you can leave the data sheet open all the time. Or minimize it into the dock, where it can be quickly retrieved if needed.