Field marked as not-editable in data sheet can be edited in a form

The heading says it all - is this how it’s supposed to be?

Can I cover the field value in the form with a transparent object which prevents access? Perhaps I could display it as some sort of Text Object.

I’ve replaced the Text Editor Object with a Text Display Object but I’m still interested to know if the former should be editable in a form.

In the title of this thread you are talking about the Data Sheet. If you set a field’s properties to “not editable”, then it is not editable — in the Data Sheet.

The field’s property seems to apply to the Data Sheet only.

This is exactly how the documentation says it works:


This option controls whether a field’s contents can be edited in the data sheet. If this option is unchecked, Panorama will just beep if you try to edit data in this field. This option only affects the data sheet, it does not prevent the field’s contents from being edited with a form or via program code.