Feature request: sorts and fonts

Could we get back the operation where if you do a simple sort the app returns you to the record you were on when you sorted? Command-U for example?

Also, can we have true monospace font options so that numerals will line up? Jim, we’ve discussed this before, but I don’t know if any progress is being made. Too bad Apple screwed up the font your using, but I suspect there is no way anyone can get Apple to see the error of their ways.

Stan, the sort issue has been discussed before (in May, 2019?). This code sorts the active field up and then returns to the line that was active before:

local SearchString
SearchString = exportlinenotabs()
find exportlinenotabs()=SearchString

You want to have a monospace font option for the Data Sheet. — In forms, you can easily use monospace fonts like Monaco or Menlo or the #FixedPitchFont for e.g. Text Display and Text Editor objects, while I don’t find this working for Text List objects. They don’t seem to make use of other fonts than the #SystemFont.

Yes, I remember the earlier discussion, and maybe it’s just me, but the old feature was the way to go. The “fix” requires me to do something to Command-U, or something. Hence the feature request approach.

This also may sound antedeluvian, but I have never used forms in Panorama, and I’ve been using it since Reagan was president. Things sorted out over the years so that I used Filemaker when I needed a form, at work or in volunteer data management situations. Come to think of it, I’ve never met a person face to face who uses Panorama! But again, this wasn’t a problem in pre-X Pan. We had access to all the fonts. The system font approach would be fine, I guess, except that some fools at Apple neglected to make the “1” monospaced. Jim dangled the faint hope of talking to an Apple guy at the last Mac con – of course we both know that was a pipe dream!

This is no “fix”. It is just a small bit of code that you would save as a procedure. Then you can assign a hot key of your choice to call this procedure. (Similarly you can have a second procedure where you replace the sortup with sortdown.)

In fact, you can have the first two lines even shorter:

let SearchString = exportlinenotabs()
find exportlinenotabs()=SearchString

I’ll take your word for it. I tried to implement both of them, and couldn’t get them to work.

… by which I should say that the key-trigger implementation and options in PanX are opaque. If I “run” from the edit window, it works.

Key triggers for those procedures are working here. You just can’t use combinations that are in use by the system already. (E.g. I chose cmd-ctrl-U for the sortup procedure.)

“Come to think of it, I’ve never met a person face to face who uses Panorama!”
santafestan, here is a face of someone who uses Panorama:

Which one is the Panorama user? :wink:

Something is preventing Command-Control-U from working for me, because I had tried that, as well as Commant-U (not knowing I couldn’t replace system shortcuts like I do elsewhere). But it is working with Control-Option-U .

For what it’s worth, here is my version of the sorting hotkeys that maintains the original record selection after sorting. I chose the Option-UpArrow & DownArrow for activation. This also allows for Undoing from the Edit menu to return to the original starting condition.

definehotkeys "Global", "OPTION-UPARROW",
     |||startdatabasechange "ALLRECORDS","SortUp"
        let srID=info(“serverrecordid”)
        find info("serverrecordid")=srID|||

definehotkeys "Global", "OPTION-DOWNARROW",
     |||startdatabasechange "ALLRECORDS","SortDown"
        let srID=info(“serverrecordid”)
        find info("serverrecordid")=srID|||