Feature Request - Enter = Return

When I do a record search and have a hit, I automatically key ENTER, but PanX requires RETURN. Please make ENTER work to trigger the selected button. In my religion, ENTER is always a better thing than RETURN, though we are ecumenical, and do not shun those who prefer RETURN, but we would like ENTER to be given equal respect.

There seem to be a number of interpretations. The comment at Daring Fireball refers to entering text:

From Daring Fireball:
“As a general rule, when they differ, Return is simply the key for typing a newline character (which, on classic Mac OS, was literally a return character…), whereas Enter enters what you’ve already typed without adding a new line.”

While using the text tool in Adobe Photoshop, the return key produces a new line while the enter key ends editing mode.

Individual programs can decide whether to treat the two keys as separate or the same. Many programs treat them the same.

And someone else remarks:
“The only example I have been able to come up with that still treats the two keys separately is iTunes: when browsing tracks, return starts playing the track, while enter enters track rename mode.”

As for my opinion - the two differ in how they’re spelled.

I think you are encountering this bug. If you press the Enter key twice, it will work, same for the Return key. So this isn’t actually a feature request, but a bug report.

Using High Sierra, one press of the enter key works, but it takes two presses of the return key.