Feature Request - download single-user files from server

I apologize in advance if this feature is already available but hidden somewhere. The new relational database features in PanX are starting to benefit my team. We use single-user databases for reporting data from multiple source shared databases. These single user databases are designed to pull in data from multiple shared databases using the magical Join statement once the various database relations have been established. Because this feature works so well and is super fast, we are finding that our single user set of reporting files is starting to grow. It would be fantastic if I could make a change to a single user database, upload it to the server, and automatically distribute the modified files to users who open or download the file. I know that we still have significant problems successfully distributing changes to shared databases, so this feature request is a low priority, by comparison, right now. However, I can see how PanX can turn into a robust hybrid system composed of shared databases working with single-user databases.

Here it is, Jim, another request for that offline-data-modification-feature that we have been using so much in Pano 6…

If you read James’s request carefully he is actually asking for something completely different. If I’m reading this correctly he is not talking about modifying the data, he is talking about modifying forms and procedures.

This feature is very unlikely to return. This was a feature that was designed for the 2005 world where internet connectivity still wasn’t anywhere near universal. Now 17 years later connectivity is available nearly anywhere, at any time. The offline capability nearly doubled the complexity of both Panorama Server and Client, was extremely difficult to debug, and wouldn’t work at all in applications where record locking is required. Adding this capability would probably take a year or more of additional development, and that development expense is prohibitive unless it is something that virtually all customers would use.