FASO Doc for Panorama 6


I’ve been reading several of the poss about FASO (Flip Art Super Object) but would like to learn more about FASO. Where is it documented and is the documentation for Panorama 6 or Panorama X? As much as I would like us to go to Panorama X the office remains at Panorama 6 for the time being. A management decision.
The reason behind the FASO inquiry is that there are company logos imbedded throughout the database, in forms, etc and the logo has now changed. From a couple of posts I’ve read it seems that using FASO to use a link to the logo folder rather than imbedding the logo into forms, etc, would be a better way to go since, I presume, changing a logo in a folder and having the form use a link to the image to resolve the image would be simpler than trying to copy/paste new images into existing forms. Is this a fair assumption?
Since we’re talking about Panorama 6, is there doc available that would explain FASO and how to use it? Thanks.

Mark Amezquita

It’s “Flash Art Super Object”, not “Fllip”. Flash Art is discussed in detail in Chapter 15 of the Panorama 6 Handbook, starting on page 750.

This post perfectly illustrates why I don’t like the abbreviations for various super objects that are commonly used on the forum. These abbreviations are (almost?) never used in the Panorama documentation.

FYI, the corresponding feature in Panorama X is called the Image Display object.

It’s in the Panorama 6 documentation. Page 751 of the handbook, and 377 of Panorama Essentials.

Thanks for the replies.

I have a Folder called “Artwork” on each computer that stores all of images used by various FASO’s as PNG files. Each printout that uses company company letterhead, well over 30 different forms, has same FASO with the equation being the pathname plus filename of the image, eg., “Macintosh HD:Company File:Artwork:Letterhead.png”. I use a variable to store each computer’s hard drive name so my files can be copied onto any computer or easily changed over for different business.


This reminds me of an important point that hasn’t been mentioned here. By default, Panorama 6 will only display images in PICT format, which is the original Mac image format, starting from the 1980’s. It’s hard to find modern Mac software that will save images in PICT format. I think that Gimp will do it, and perhaps Photoshop (I haven’t owned a copy of Photoshop in 20 years, so they may have removed this.) If you want to display JPEG, PNG, TIFF, or other types of images with Panorama 6, you must have the extra cost Enhanced Image Pack option. If you already have this option for your Panorama 6 serial number, great, but if not, it’s no longer available for purchase.

Panorama X does not have this restriction – it will display all of these image formats at no extra charge.

Thanks. I was aware of the PICT format restriction for Panorama 6 and, luckily, there are a couple of free, online conversions programs that will convert JPG to PICT, so I’ve used those a couple of times to do a conversion for testing of FASO. I need to play with it some more, especially in getting the path information formula correct. I’m glad that Greg included in his post a formula on how it should look. Greatly appreciated. Thanks.