Failure to synchronize a deletion to the user who originally added a record

User A added a record to our TimeClock database on 3/22, and another on on 3/23. The server log confirmed the addition.
User B deleted both records on 3/23. The server log showed the deletion.
My computer is consistent with the log (i.e., the two records are not present).
BUT, user A still shows the two records in her copy of the database, i.e., the deletion was not synced to User A. The User A copy of the database still shows the serverID and TS consistent with the server log.

How is that possible?

You didn’t say, but has User A synchronized the database since all this happened? The records will not disappear until they sync.

Yes. I obtained a copy of A’s database and opened it. The records were present then. Upon Download Data, the records were deleted.

During the class it was asked if there was a way to get a list of the list of deleted records the server is keeping for a database. Looks like I need to add a way to get this information to assist in debugging any problems that come up like this.

It certainly makes sense that Download Data would clear things up, since that doesn’t rely on the list of deleted records.