Failure to sync

Just a note that this happens, but I don’t have enough information about how it happens to be useful I suspect. Twice in the last week with a shared database, at least two user’s copies of the database were not fully synced fully to the server-on different days. There was at least one record on the server that did not copy to the client computer. I just observed it this morning on my computer.
Using the ‘Synchronize Data’ from the menu did not cause the missing record to download (not opening the database, which I had just done.). However, using ‘Download Data’ did cause the the record to appear.
This problem is why I was using Forcesynchronize statement recently and discovered the problem with synchronous/asynchronous operation.

I think you reported this a while ago, and I believe I may have seen this as well. It is on my list of items to investigate once I get thru all of the other items I am working on. I am hoping with my new instrumentation system it will be relatively easy to diagnose this. The new instrumentation system is proving to be a huge boon in my development.

If you do happen to come up with any additional information about this I’m all ears, but even if you don’t, I have high hopes of chasing this down.

By the way, the synchronous/asynchronous problem could also occur with the regular synchronize statement, you would just be less likely to notice because it happens faster. The fix will be the same in both cases. I have made a fundamental change to Panorama in the past few days that will make properly writing synchronous code super easy.