Failure to Sync b15

I am slow a posting this, but the day after we installed b15 on three computer, we discovered that one file was not syncing. All three machines had a different number of records in the database. We struggled with the issues for an hour or so and finally solved the problem by running a new generation and then downloading a fresh copy from the sever to the other machines.

You would need to tell us more before anyone can offer any useful feedback. Such as, did using Synchronize not work? Using force synchronize not work? Did you pick one of the three computers to create a new generation with the Field options checked? In that case any differences with the other two would be lost. When you open the databases, do they report or not report in a notification that they have synced or sometimes already synced?

Fortunately, I have not experienced the problem described here and syncing was not disrupted by b15 version.