Extra Zoom Course Session this Thursday 🎓 (Now Available in Video Training wizard)

Sorry for the somewhat short notice, but there will be an extra Zoom session this Thursday afternoon to cover some changes in b31 that I am very excited about. If you are registered for the Mastering Panorama X 10.2 classes then you should see this notice in your Live Course Calendar.

If you are not signed up for the class but are interested in attending, you can register from the Panorama Video Training window.

All I’ve got is this. Suggestions?

Try quitting and relaunching Panorama. I checked your account, you definitely should be registered, assuming your copy of Panorama is logged in to your account.

Great suggestion. Unfortunately, it didn’t work:

Note that Zoom has had an upgrade to 5.13. Best to upgrade before the session.

Is anyone else having a problem seeing the upcoming course in the Live Course Calendar?

Robert, what do you see if you click on the building icon in the upper right of the Course Calendar? Also, what version of macOS are you using?

No problem here. Catalina 10.15.3

Ventura 13.1 is okay

I am OK here. But I notice that the previous videos from last year: Panorama X 10.2 May 2022 Update show as not available.

Mojave and Catalina are both ok.

I just rebooted the computer and now things are showing up OK. I’m on 10.13.6, High Sierra. So I’ll be there at the training. Thanks!

richcjohnn - I looked too. The Feb 2022 video is there but those for May 2022 say, “Do Not Exist” - that’s rather ominous. Because many of us saw them. So they “existed”. Perhaps “No Longer Exist” would be a less reality-checking message.

I mean, “Do not Exist” sort of - after a few glasses of wine - implies they NEVER existed. For unbelievers, flying saucers Do Not Exist. But to say Saber Tooth Tigers do not exist … that sort of goes right up to the edge. Because they did, and now they no longer exist.

So … is it a glitch of some kind, or do we wait until more glaciers melt and the May 2022 videos are recovered by an archeology team?

Yes, that is a glitch. The privacy settings for these videos were set incorrectly on the Vimeo server. I have corrected the settings and these videos now work properly (unless you are running Ventura, in that case you’ll have to wait for b31).

The Zoom session hasn’t started yet, but the Zoom link is now available in the Live Course Calendar.

The video from last week’s session is now available in the Panorama Video Training wizard in the Help menu. It should be available in both b30 and b31, but if you are running Ventura, you will need b31 to play it. Of course you’ll also need to install b31 to try out the new stuff discussed in the session.