Exporting dollars & cents

This is fun – trying to export from Panorama and import into GnuCash! After much floundering, I noticed that 195.00 in Panorama was exporting as 195. And that is likely my fault, because I will type “195.” and rely on Panorama to put in the “00”, using a #.## output pattern.

GnuCash couldn’t deal with it, understandably, because if it is “64.05”, then I will have typed all that in.

So, how do I export all values with two decimal places, whether originally typed in by me or supplied by an output pattern?

Export pattern(yourNumericField, "#.##")
The output pattern controls what is displayed in the data’s here, but not what is exported. With pattern( function you can export numbers as text in whatever format you desire.

If you use the File>Export>Text (CSV) or File>Export>Text (Tab Delimited) it will export the numbers using the output pattern. If you are using the custom export option, you need to change str( to pattern( in the export formula as John described.

OK, I’ll see if I understand that. What I did in the meantime is open the txt file in Excel and format the debit and credit columns with 2 decimal places. That worked, too.