Export Wizard failure

I opened the Export Wizard within my Boaters200815.pandb and get a dialog which shows Boaters200815.txt for the export. Then I get a message that the file does not exist…
Downloaded and installed .b31 today.

And as shown in the picture, Boaters200815 is open…

It’s the text file it says doesn’t exist. Chances are this is really a permissions issue. There could be an existing file with that name you don’t have permission to change, or you are trying to save it in a folder where you don’t have permission to do that.

Thanks for responding, Dave. I don’t know how to check permissions, but I save files in the same folder regularly, and there is certainly no file with that name in the folder.

I would suggest trying to save the file to a different folder. I’ll bet it will work.

Just so you know, the permissions show up if you Get Info for a file or folder, Command-i.