Export of Data out of Inview/Hindsight Software

Thanks again to James Cook and Jim Rea for their brilliance and resulting software that has been invaluable to so many of us photographers for decades.

A colleague and I need to access our data to go forward without HindSight. We are both running Panorama v.6 and HindSight on older MacBook Pros. We have both hired a tech
consultant to use HindSight in the years since their support ended. I was able to use Parallels and VMWare in recent years with help from the tech guy, but he is no longer living. Due to problems with VMWare, I also stopped using that. I am also asking for the other photographer who cannot access the Receivables in HindSight.

I have an older MacBook Pro running El Capitan v. 10.11.6 on Panorama 6 & HindSight.
I have reviewed all posts I could find here on the Forum.

Am I right that keeping this combination on Panorama 6 going only until all selected data be exported or migrated to save in some useful format?
Would a solution be to purchase Panorama X to run HindSight until all selected data be exported? We will no longer be making entries into HindSight.

First of all, your Hindsight files were built to run on Panorama 6 and will not work on Panorama X. A free Contacts file and an ImageLog file for Panorama X have been created to replace the Contacts and Catalogue files in your old software. They’re available in Panorama’s Database Exchange library along with info on how to move data from one to the other.

Your old files will continue to operate as they have for as long as you run an older Mac under El Capitan or Sierra. Some have purchased refurbished Macs for this very purpose. As long as the machine runs, so will the software. That can be seen as a permanent solution.

Otherwise, to move data from the HindSight files, each has an export capability built in and documented in the manual. The process does require that the files are running on Panorama 6 at the time.

Thanks very much for your reply. I will share your answer with others. Have a .pdf of the excellent “manual” and updates documents. It is fun to be able to use InView/StockView again.