Expiring License

I have:
Serial Number xxxxx licensed for the personal use of Roger Silver
Phone: xxx-xxx-xxxx
Email: ----------------

Panorama - Version 6.0.0 build 121629

I have a personal Use License that has NO ending date, HOWEVER

I just received a notice that states:

Your Panorama Personal use License will expire in 30 days,
You’ll need to renew this license before Sunday, March 18th, 2018 to continue to use Panorama.

What Gives

Your personal use license expires when the credit card you used to pay for it does.

This forum is accessible to everyone on the web. Please don’t put serial numbers or other sensitive information in posts to this forum.

Roger, your personal use license expires at the end of February. We give you a couple weeks of grace period beyond that, hence the March 18th date listed. You can renew your license at this URL:


After you purchase the renewal, here are the instructions for activating a personal license renewal.

  1. Open the Registration window (from the Panorama menu)
  2. De-activate the serial number (you’ll be asked for confirmation, continue until deactivation is complete).
  3. Now press the Activate button, enter your original serial number and press Submit.
  4. You’ll be asked for the last four digits of the credit card you used to renew the personal use license. Once that is entered you are ready to go.

You’ll need to repeat these steps for each computer that is using the personal use license.


Thank you Dave for redacting Roger’s sensitive information. Wow, it appears that you did it so quickly that the sensitive information didn’t get emailed to the list (as I’m sure Dave is aware, there is a 10 minute delay before a post is emailed, to allow for editing). But yes, a note to everyone else, NEVER post sensitive information like serial numbers, credit card numbers, etc. to this forum.

Please note in this screen shot of my personal use license that my license does NOT expire.

I think you probably attached your screen shot to an email, that does not work. The only way to attach images to a post here is to use the web interface. But you do NOT want to post a screen shot that shows your serial number. If you do that, we will deactivate the number, since at that point it becomes public.

However, I was able to go into our email logs and see your screenshot. The window you sent does NOT show the expiration date, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t one. If you go to About Panorama, you’ll see the expiration date is shown. I also looked you up in our records and your personal use license expires at the end of February 2018. In fact there is NO SUCH THING as a Panorama personal use license that does not expire.

I have been a ProVue customer since the “Overview” days and never has there been a Expiring date! I purchased Panorama 6.0.0 8/31/2010 and there was NO Expiring date!

I searched the Panorama Handbook for Panorama 6.0.0 Build 121629 which has over 1175 pages, there is NO declaration or disclosure that there was a “Expiring date!” I also searched the little handbook I got with my Panorama CD (12 pages) and again there was no expiring date!

So when did you decide to ad add a Expiring date!

Panorama 6 and before had 2 ways to buy: the full version, which never expired, and the personal use version, which, if I remember correctly, was cheaper and more limited in capabilities, and did expire. Apparently at some point you purchased the second.

The personal use license was a way to use a copy of Panorama on more than one computer for PERSONAL use only. For example, to install Panorama 6 on a desktop and also on your laptop. It cost $10 and needed to be renewed every year.

The personal use license allows a single person to run the software on more than one computer, though only one at a time. For example you might install Panorama on both a computer in your office and one at home. This capability has always required a small recurring payment, which was fully explained when you signed up.


If you no longer need to use Panorama on more than one computer, we can switch you back to a single computer license. There is no charge for that, and no recurring charge for a single computer license.

It actually only needs to be renewed when the credit card expires. So usually only every 2-3 years, effectively making the cost $3-$4 per year.

I sit corrected.

Now I am starting to understand what is going on.
So what you are now saying is, the message I got saying I will not be able to use Panorama after March 18th is not true.

That License for 2 computers that I acquired a few years ago was because I had to go to the Court House each week and enter information into one database on my laptop that had over 44,600 entries. Each time I did a save I had to play a little gave that became harder because of the number of entries. As of Oct 15th 2017 I no longer have to add to that date base.
So I will only use my main computer; however:

I will not know until March 7th if I will still need Panorama on my laptop, that is because another person took over the database, however she can’t seem to use it, one reason is Panorama X does NOT have a “Save As.”

You are getting close. What he said was.

That doesn’t just happen automatically when your personal use license expires, but if you request it, he will do it for no charge.

It does if you hold the option key down when you click on the File menu, or use the command-shift-option-S keyboard shortcut. This is now an Apple standard. It will work on applications like TextEdit or Preview as well.

Panorama X does have Save As: If you press the Option key, you’ll see
that File:Duplicate changes to Save As.

The person that replaced me for Membership can’t seem to grasp Panorama, I have been asked to continue with Membership, until she can work on her own.
How do I continue my “personal use license that allows a single person to run the software on more than one computer?”

Jim answered this earlier in this thread.