Expand/shrink not working properly

In a print form, when both Expand and Expand/Shrink are checked, the contents of Ingredients and Instructions in this Pan 10.2 file are not displayed in their entirety, but are cut off (see image). When I unchecked Expand/Shrink, but left Expand checked, the form prints correctly.ExpandOnly Expand:Shrink

Maybe I should put your screenshot into the documentation, it’s a perfect illustration of this warning from the Variable Height Records page. I’ve added the emphasis on the most relevant points for this example.

Expand/Shrink objects can be stacked vertically in a column, but they should never be placed side by side. When expand/shrink objects are placed side by side they fight each other and the result is unpredictable. In fact, you must be careful when placing an Expand/Shrink object next to anything else.

The correct way to construct your form is to make both objects one line high, and make them expandable.

Thanks. Fixed.