Error when unsharing a database

FYI: This happens quite often but I am just now taking the time to report it. Upon unsharing a shared database, clicking the ok button sends a message similar to “Can not resume, no pause”. I meant to write down the exact message, but I had to force quit. Actually, I should have it memorized by now. Anyway, when this happens, there is an action menu that shows what can only be ProVUE procedures (see picture). The only way to get out of this is to force quit.

Ok this happened again this morning. The error message was "resume statement failed (no pause). This time, after force quitting, several objects on my main form were wiped out. This too has happened in the past. I have to download a new copy for the sever to get my correct form back.

If it happens again, could you make a screen shot?

FYI - I’m pretty confident that the problem with your form has nothing to do with the error message in the database options dialog.