Error explosion

OK, I think Pan X is trying to tell me I have an error somewhere…
I can’t close ANY window, and I can’t Quit Panorama, so I Force Quit.

It DID say it was a Closewindow error, so I removed that statement from the code, as you can see, and the errors stopped occuring.

(And BTW, I did drag those multiple error windows around the first time it happened, as they were all stacked up, and then I couldn’t close any of them. The next time it happened, I just clicked the red close button on the top error window, then the next, then the next… until they were all closed, and I was able to get back in control.)

I’m guessing the problem was that after I printed to a pdf, Preview opened up and was in front, and Panorama got upset when the code tried to close a window in the background? And why are there so many errors generated?

GoForm “Invoice”
if «Invoice Date» = 0 // If Invoice date is not set…
«Invoice Date» = today() // Set to today’s date
PrintOneRecord dialog
// CloseWindow

Sometimes the process of opening the Error Window generates additional errors. There was a fix made in September to address this issue, apparently the problem was not completely fixed for all possible scenarios.