Envelope printing

Looking back to 2017-18 threads, it looks like there is a problem printing envelopes from Panorama? Actually I am wanting to print on blank check stock, one check “page” printing like a #10 envelope which I do all the time in Word or PDFs saved out of Word. I print checks all the time from Panorama, running the 3-up check stock through like normal 8.5x11 paper, but I end up with single-check blanks I’d like to use up.

My “best” idea was to rotate the check form left 90 degrees, save to PDF, and then set page size and orientation in Preview to print, like an envelope. But I’m stuck on rotating the form.

Of course, in Word I don’t rotate the template but I can print the envelope with the #10 page size and “landscape” orientation in the printer dialog. (I think that is how it works, all automated now.)

I hope I’m overlooking something obvious…

I think you have to print to pdf in landscape in Panorama, and then open it in Preview, and rotate it and print it afterwards.

However, I print envelopes using this:

printtopdf “”,“Printer”,"",“Form”,“Large Envelope”,“Height”,4.125,“Width”,9.5,“orientation”,“landscape”,“onerecord”,“true”

where “Large Envelope” is the form for #10 envelopes. My printer will automatically print envelopes from the tray that is filled with envelopes. It will also print from the manual feed tray if there is paper there. If you have something like that, you could change that to:

printtopdf “”,“Printer”,"",“Form”,“Check”,“Height”,3.5,“Width”,8.5,“orientation”,“landscape”,“onerecord”,“true”

If that is the dimension of your checks, the same as mine.

Thanks, Bruce. I’ll check that out some more. I can generate the PDF file that looks great on the screen, but can’t seem to get it through all the printer options to land on the check-stock size paper so far. And that isn’t a panorama problem.

Followup – had to kludge a gremlin by setting “width” to 10 inches and moving guts of check form to the right by 1.5 inches, printing right out of Panorama, rather than saving to PDF and messing about in Preview/Acrobat. Somewhere a margin and/or page size is interfering from my HP LJ 404. But for now, it works thanks to your pointing me to the stuff, so thanks again, Bruce!

Sounds like you may have solved your problem already, but I’m able to print both checks and envelopes directly from Panorama without problems. It took a bit of experiment with forms and test printing on scrap paper, then holding it up to an actual check and envelope to confirm, but now that it’s set up, it works well.

Everyone’s printer is a little different, so I think experimenting is unavoidable. But basically I set up a form to print with a data tile the size of the envelope or check. Then I put various display objects on the tile to show the data I wanted to print. Finally I added a push button to printonerecord, which allows me to just click the button to print a check or envelope of whatever the current record is.

As mentioned, it took a good deal of experimenting to get the form layout right and to figure out how to feed the envelope/check into the printer. But that was one-time work. Now it’s a simply a matter of entering my data in a new record, open the print form, put the paper the right way in the printer and click my button for “Print Current Record”.

Let me know if I can clarify anything.


Sounds like what my approach ended up as. I still don’t understand it, but blame in on HP printer stuff and Mac OS. But you are right that the only way in the real world is to print and inspect visually, with the help of a bright light!

The tool that really helps for filling out checks, or any form, for that matter, is a pica pole. Basically, it is a ruler that reads in points and picas. You can print on a blank piece of paper, measure where the print comes out, and adjust the dimensions of a form element so that it fits neatly.

The one thing that messed me up the last time I printed a bunch of checks is that I forgot to set the print job not to collate the pages, and had to go back to line up the check numbers all over.