Enterprise Classic

How would I implement a loop or execute some code that is time limited to 10 seconds and when the 10 seconds is up it will exit the loop.

I am having Enterprise Classic look for a file for those 10 seconds, if no file I want to stop the loop.

Also, is there any way to have Enterprise Classic send an html response with cgiHTML that is 10mb? What is the server memory limit? File type is text.

Local StartTime
StartTime = now()
    /* Do something */

Until now() > StartTime + 10

Thank you Dave

I dont think that’s going to work. It’s not going to look for ten seconds and then give up, it’s going to- look for the file as many times as it can in ten seconds and then stop. This might add up to the same thing , practically, but don’t count on it!


What does “look for a file” mean?? Presumably you have some code in mind, please submit it so we know what you are talking about.

A post from the web will add a record to Enterprise and then will upload a reasonably small text file to a different web server. I would like Panorama Classic Enterprise to loop and check with a post to see if the file is there yet, if not it will repeat the loop for say 10 seconds and then send a response to the browser. If the file is there it will grab it and send the file to the browser. What I am thinking is that this will be faster than having the browser do multiple posts to have Enterprise check for the file. Make sense?