Entering an exception or an empty value in a Choices field

This was the subject of a request from Kurt at The new Choice Palette but I thought it might be easier to follow if I started a new thread. Kurt’s request at the above address doesn’t seem to have been answered but there are other issues.

In Panorama 6, it was possible to add some underscores as the last choice and, when entering a value, you could hit the Delete key and type in an exceptional value or Delete and Enter produced an empty cell. This isn’t the case in Panorama X. The nearest I can get is to add a single underscore choice which allows me to put a single space in the cell (and one I can’t remove to give an empty cell) - not a good result.

Also, if two of your choices were ‘beta’ and ‘blat’, you could type ‘bl’ and get blat or type ‘be’ and get beta. This was a great help if you had lots of data to enter.

A search for ‘Choices’ produces quite an array of threads and I haven’t read them all but the fact remains that Choices isn’t working well.

Will there be any action on these issues?

Michael, I had posted a work around for this problem some time back that might be useful until or if this is ever addressed. The post is 3rd down in the http://forum.provue.com/t/data-button-choices/ thread.