Endless beachballs

This doesn’t happen real often (thank heavens) but when it does it’s a real show stopper. For whatever reason, doing something gets the beachball going and nothing can be done until it’s finished. At the moment I’ve been watching it for at least 10 minutes and it looks like I’ll have to force quit. With Pan 6 pressing Command-period would sometimes give me control back, but it doesn’t work with X, probably by design. There’s no reason to think it’s executing one of my procedures that got in an endless loop, but there’s no way of knowing. Is there a known cause or solution? I’ve not seen any pattern to what sets it off, and sometimes it’s reasonably brief but still happens on every mouse click for a while. I’ve seen other comments about beachballs on the forum, but it’s never been the main topic. Funny thing, even though a mouse click won’t do anything in any of the windows while it’s spinning, it will bring a clicked window to the front which shows it’s at least a little sentient.

There seem to be some processes which are really, really slow, and Panorama X is unresponsive until they are finished. View as List forms are especially slow.

I realize that Pan X has a lot of optimizing left to do, but the sporadic nature of what I’m seeing doesn’t seem to correspond with any particular task. Clicking on …something… gets the process started, and after waiting for it to come back, every subsequent click gets another beachball and a wait. Sometimes it magically clears itself and we’re back to work. Pan X mostly works fine without this, don’t get me wrong. [The event yesterday that got me steamed up may have been something else, I think it started with a simple click of the window close button (the Apple one) and it beachballed for 45 minutes until I forced-quit.] So I’m wondering if others see this and whether there is an explanation, a pattern in what starts it, and/or a recovery path.

@staylor246 I’ve never seen anything like that, and I have no idea what would cause something like that. So if you can identify anything to pin this down please let me know.